The Optimo difference

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After years of dedicated research, we have refined our production to strive for the best hat you will ever own. It is our ambition that you do not need to know a lot about hat making to appreciate an Optimo hat.
The quality should speak for itself, but if you are interesting in knowing how we produce our hats, here is a short description of some of the processes our hats go through.

Felts – Best hat made

We offer precision cutting with three sizes between each size, plus three ovals in each size (standard, long and round). A hat could be correct in diameter for you, but it also needs to fit the shape of your head.

All felt hats undergo a second blocking operation which gently ‘bakes’ the hat, resulting in a more exact, permanent structure to the hat as well as ensuring it will keep its shape for years to come is called, ‘decatising’.

Although rarely seen by clients, the unseen parts of the hat also reflect our principle of performing every step with excellence.

After blocking, the linings are gently sewn through the crown of the felt using extra fine thread. This ensures the linings won’t sag or fall out (like other hats which are simply glued in), as well as keeping the inside of the Optimo free of adhesive.

The ribbon is a critical design element. We source the finest grosgrain ribbons from all over the world, as well as thousands of rolls of vintage ribbon we purchased from defunct hatteries in the U.S. and Europe. Our sewers use unique folding techniques and traditional millinery stitches to craft the bow and ensure no thread is visible. Our roan sweatbands are put through an extra flanging process. A small machine pre-rolls the edge of the sweatband, adding extra cushion for comfort.

These processes are only a few of what has become known as the Optimo difference with our felts.

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