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I love wearing my Optimo. It just feels like pure craftsmanship. I can pair it with everything from a Barbour jacket and knitwear, to a double denim and a tweed sportcoat. Once you find a hat that feels comfortable you forget you’re wearing it, and then thecompliments come flooding in.

Sam Sleath, Bespoke Cutter

A man’s hat is as unique as his signature.

Earnest Miller, Technocrat

There’s a science to mediocrity that attracts the masses. I don’t practice that science.

Mississippi Gabe Carter, Blues Musician

A hat can add a punch of sophistication to any outfit. There are no rules anymore! If it looks good and makes you feel good, that’s my definition of style.

Johnny Besch, Chef and Soapmaker

A great hat sets one apart from even the best-dressed. I love the durability and practicality of a well-made hat. It’s one of the few things one can wear regularly fordecades while only getting better with age.

Kirby Allison, Garment care expert and Proponent of craft

There’s nothing like being the cat in the hat.

Billy Branch, The Harmonica Man

I dress with purpose. I wear what I believe in… the utmost in quality and craftsmanship. This is one of my favorites for warm weather. A featherweight, superfine Montecristi, which I can roll and pack away for travel. It always comes back to form, with a slight ‘wabi-sabi’ look.

Richard Tomlinson, Architect and Designer

I was born with an old soul. I have an appreciation for things from long ago. A time when things were built better, lasted longer and were not expected to be replaced.

Marlon Harvey, Horseman-Mounted Patrol
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