Hat Service


Our service department specializes in cleaning and complete restorations of Optimo hats.  All hats received will be given a thorough examination and service estimate, based upon the condition and work requested.

Most hats will fall into one of the three categories below:

1-Annual service/ basic cleaning (felt hats): $100

2-Complete restoration (felt and straw hats): $200

3-Special renovations  (felt and finer grades of straw, and historical (non-Optimo) hats: $300+





All hats received by our service department are first cleaned. It is important our workspace remains hygienic and our high standards of hat services are maintained. This policy ensures no visible or unseen dirt, oil, grease, dust or other contaminates will soil any hats during the restoration.

After deep cleaning, all hats are reformed on the original molds, using the same tools and processes which were used in originally crafting them. Only genuine Optimo replacement components are used in our restorations.

For the past 25 years we have been able to closely study our hats as they return to the factory to be serviced after years of use. We have seen the effects of hats worn daily in many diverse climates around the world. We service hats that are routinely exposed to rain and snow, even worn on special expeditions.

We also offer historical renovations. These are often sentimental hats or high quality collector hats made pre-1950s and earlier. *We do not accept hats which have been contaminated by mildew or have moth damage.

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