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We don’t pay much attention to
fashion, but we do come up with
new colors for each season.

Our hats are entirely colorfast and residue-free. You can wear them with confidence next to white clothing, or in the rain. Many companies use powders as part of their manufacturing process, which permits them to cover up unevenness in modeling and in the coloration of the hat. Using powders means they continue to put the byproduct of the hat into the hat. We keep the hat clean and pull everything out to maintain its purity, beauty and richness of color. Working this way is the most difficult because you see every imperfection, so the hat must be flawless.

During the dyeing process of the felts, we never force a color, choosing the fur mixtures that will react best to being dyed the color we desire. Always conscious of the vintage of the fur that year, our decisions are based on whatever best serves the color and longevity of the hat. When blending different colors we also think about the undertones in the hat and how it may change color as you move your head.

Optimo Special Blends

Optimo 1000

Made from an exquisite mixture of beaver and mink, or pure beaver belly fur. The result is a tighter felting hat with an even softer touch. Both beaver and mink are extremely strong felts. If too much mink is used, the hat body shrinks too tightly and there is no control of the material. The Optimo 1000 in pure belly fur comes from the underbelly of the beaver. It is an exceptionally soft, smooth and strong felt. Available in original (natural) and a selection of colors.


A development we’re very proud of. Sumptuous, totally un-dyed, pure beaver belly fur. Often you see “silverbelly” hats from other manufactures that are dyed this color, but our Silverbelly is the genuine article.