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The Optimo Difference

After years of dedicated research, we have refined our
production to ensure the best hat you will ever own.


  • Accuracy of sizing. We offer precision cutting with three sizes between each size, plus three ovals in that size (long, round, and XX). A hat could be correct in diameter for you, but it won’t be perfect unless the oval is shaped correctly. We will never overstretch or use a hat body that’s too big or too small.
  • Most sophisticated pouncing (sanding) of our felts. The resulting hats are perfectly shaved, providing a total uniformity of finish.
  • Decatising of our hats. This secondary blocking improves the hand of the hat and strengthens the material.
  • Hand sewn linings. Our trimmers are exceptional. No glue is used, ensuring a hat that is as good on the inside as on the outside.
  • Fine imported ribbons are folded and sewn by hand. Silk thread is used to stitch our bindings.
  • Roan (sheepskin) sweatbands. We put the sweatband through an extra flanging process. These small machines roll the edge of the sweatband, adding cushion for comfort.

At Optimo, we offer various finishes to compliment our customers' wardrobe. The climate, where they live, is also taken into consideration.

Our Smooth finishes in both Classic and Lightweight can be adapted to any climate. Our Flecked finished hats perfectly compliment a sweater or tweed jacket during the fall/winter months.

Optimo Melusines can add an air of sophistication to any winter ensemble. There are no rules for what what kind of hat finish to choose. Ultimately, it's what feels and looks right on you.

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