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While we choose not to advertise, our hats often appear in print, television and movies. We were flattered when approached by director Sam Macon who shot an excellent short piece on Optimo, which was entered into a film festival. We are thrilled to share with you this one minute condensed version and hope you enjoy it.

Hat Fitting


We perform fittings in our shop, at trunk shows, and over the phone. Regardless of where you are fitted, our focus is on creating the right hat for you.

the right style

A properly fitted hat should be comfortable to wear for hours at a time, in any situation. Your hat should gently grip your head just above the ears, and be able to be pulled down a bit if conditions are windy—something we know about in Chicago!

To achieve a customized and truly personal fit, Optimo hats are offered in three sizes between the conventional sizes, as well as in four oval head shapes, in order to achieve Optimo’s unique ‘air cushion’ fit.

The right fit

Your hats should fit your personality. The best looking hats are the ones you feel comfortable in. We work closely with our clients, discussing various styling details. The weight and texture of our felts and straws are carefully considered. The result: a great hat for each individual customer.

The best way to prepare for a phone fitting is to first get an idea of the kind of hat you want. You don’t have to supply us with all the details. Visit our website to view various styles. Consider the design elements in hats you have seen and admired in films, hats worn by celebrities or hats from specific time periods.

Have a soft tape measure handy so we can guide you through our measuring procedure. We will also ask you about your lifestyle, facial features and the types of clothes you favor. If you are a seasoned hat wearer, please note the style, sizing and fit of your other hats so we can improve on any fit or style issues you may have had in the past.