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Issue 1

Welcome to the Optimo Hat Shop

In this issue we will be showcasing our shop, a little bit of history, but most importantly our quality.



In this issue we will be focusing on the Montecristi Panama hat, unquestionably the world's best Panama Hat.

Issue 3

The Optimo Milan Straw

Early in my apprenticeship, my mentor, master-hatter Johnny Tyus, taught me how to work with Milan Hats. I remember him telling me how all the Milans being made today were phony hat they didn’t make real Milans anymore. Over the years, we’ve worked on hundreds of Milans, and it is always obvious which ones are real. The real Milans age gracefully, have a beautiful feel, texture and color. It wasn’t until several years in business that I realized the true Milan wasn’t entirely extinct. I had made a Montecristi Panama for a famous milliner in Tokyo, and in return he made me a beautiful Milan. He told me that this braid was very rare and expensive, and a handful of craftsmen were still weaving it in a small town in rural China. Thus began the treasure hunt and Optimo’s quest to revive the Milan.

Issue 4

The Optimo Felt

At Optimo, we are focused on giving you the best hat you will ever own – a hat that ages well, stands up to the elements and becomes part of your life. In this issue of The Hatter’s Bench we want to focus on what makes a great Felt Hat.

Hat Box

Hat Box

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