The Montecristi Teardrop

Shown above in Montecristi Panama, Straw

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Our most popular crown shape for both the Milan and Montecristi Panama hats.

Over years and multiple visits to Ecuador, we truly have walked the path of The Panama Hat Trail, which is why we know what makes a good Panama stand out from the rest (a flawless and uniform weave, a strong straw with gorgeous color). We've made it our challenge, over the years, to consistently produce Montecristi Hats at the standard which existed over 50 years ago. These hats are finished using vintage molds from France and the United States. The result is a timeless, modern look which is typical of the Optimo Style. Shown here in an ultrafino, whose ivory-colored fibers are as fine as threads of linen. An Ultrafino can take several months for a master-weaver to complete.

Hat Box

Hat Box

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